PPJC Men's Club December 2020

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

I---President Steve Reinstein opened our meeting at 10 A.M.

II--READING OF THE MINUTES-were accepted as read.

III-MEMBERSHIP—Manny told us that we have 25 paid up members in our Men’s Club. Steve produced a list of names for us to see who members of our club had been and discussed contacting them so that they might rejoin.

IV-TREASURY---Ken reported on our financials


1---New Year’s Eve—December 31—our zoom link will be the same for this event which can be watched from 11 P.M. to midnight. On, or about 11:45 P.M., we will try to see the ball drop ushering in the new year.

2---Tu Bi Schvat—our members approved:

(a)--Hot dogs and hamburgers for this barbecue to be held on Sunday January 24. 2021.

Steve will contact Eric to see how much we will charge for the barbecue.

(b)---Bagels and lox will be picked up for paid up members and their guests on Sunday February 28, 2021.

3---Bingo---scheduled for Sunday April 25, 2021. Merv suggested that we begin this event at 4 P.M. which was approved.


1-- Merv made a motion that we donate $1500 to the temple, now, since it is imperative that we do it today because of the many problems that exist. This motion was approved.

2---Merv praised Manny for his valuable work in streaming services.

Our meeting adjourned at 10:30 A.M.

VII---After our meeting concluded, our guest speaker was Robin Wright, medical assistant at South Eastern ENT, located on Pines Blvd. and Palm Ave. ENT is defined as ear, nose, and throat Her office specializes in all 3 accepting most insurance policies. Their doctors have years of experience and have been successful in helping patients with health problems concerning ENT. She discussed her staff helping people needing hearing aids, ear infections, problems with the throat and nasal problems as sinus prescribing medication, with little or no side effects, cauterizing and freezing. They assist adults and children, but, first test patients with a thermometer before entering to see their doctors and nurses so that they do not have the corona virus.

After finishing her discussion, Robin Wright answered questions we had asked. Our club expressed our appreciation to her for the important health information concerning the ears, nose, and throat.

--4 days from this meeting and ENT guest lecturer, we wish you and your family the best of health and happiness for 2021 and for many more following this significant get together by zoom.

Be well and stay safe.

Bernie Stauber

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