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Men's Club - June 2022

On Sunday April 24, 2022, our Men’s Club held our

monthly meeting at Gigi’s, After our committee reports had

been given followed by old and new business, our club

was honored by a wonderful and meaningful presentation

by our Rabbi Schonblum.

His discussion focused upon how God blesses us. He

opened with the statement that nothing happens by

chance. For example, why do we say “have a good trip”

instead of saying “go in peace and thank God for our

returning in peace without anything bad happening during

that time. Also, we thank God for helping if we are the owners

of a business or making a great salary as an employee.

Also we thank God for coming out of a hospital being completely

healed from our illness. We can say “mazel” for

something that is coming from above that God is giving us.

The Rabbi mentioned 3 words that are so vital and

important in our lives.

Number 1 is Inspiration--which could be mazel as we

become aware of what we did not know.

Number 2 is impression. This word questions how did we

learn it. It is something that makes it who we are.

Number 3 is supervision. Someone is watching over a

situation or incident.

God is watching over every one of us.

Learning the Torah is to recognize the world around us

by utilizing these 3 words.

Then the Rabbi followed with a very interesting story. A religious

leader had been speaking to a wealthy but very arrogant

man who had been living in a place called Brody. This

rich person bragged that he had everything, did not need

anything from anyone and did not reach out to help the needy

people. After their discussion ended, the religious leader told

the man that he should wait for a few minutes because he

had an important letter he was going to write to someone who

lived in Brody. When the leader finished, he placed the letter

inside an envelope and gave it to the bragger to deliver. He

placed the letter inside a pocket of his jacket.

For a period of 16 years, the man of wealth forgot to

deliver the letter. Living in Brody was a tailor who barely

eked out a living for his family. However, someone else

who owned a successful business needed special alterations

for a number of his employees for a certain function.

This project netted the tailor a great deal of money and he

became wealthy. The tailor now was in charge of a charity

organization, At that time, the rich and arrogant man’s luck

ran out and he lost all of his money. What a turnaround for

both men. The once rich man came to the former tailor for

charity and was given the money for him to survive. The

once pompous rich man became humble and learned an

important lesson from what had happened to him. Then he

found the letter given to him so many years ago and read

the predictions of the religious leader who had outlined

everything that would happen to him and the tailor.

The Rabbi concluded with stating that we are blessed

from God with decent health and mazel and are secure

with God for divine providence that occurs in our lives.

Our club is so grateful to Rabbi Schonblum for his fantastic

and meaningful presentation today. We are blessed

in having him as our Rabbi.

Be Well and Stay Safe,

Bernie Stauber

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