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Men's Club - July 2022

On May 29, 2022, the last Sunday of the month. Our

Men’s Club held our meeting with breakfast at Gigi’s. After

the reading of the minutes, the treasury report, old and new

business had been discussed. Doug McOwen, our president,

spoke about our upcoming July 4 holiday barbecue

which will be held on July 3. Our club is pleased to have

Gerald Gubitsky as a new member. On July 24, we will

have a gold and silver activity sponsored by Todd

Rosenblatt selling gold, sterling silver, coins, diamonds,

watches and more. It will be a fund raiser for our club as we

obtain a certain percent of the sales profits. Merv told us

that our guest speaker for the month of August will be Rick

Stark. Steve Reinstein told us we have a date scheduled to

have a Bingo event on Thursday August 11 at 5 P. M.

After our meeting ended, our guest speaker was Mayor

Frank Ortis.

Among the topics he provided for discussion were how

our property taxes have been increasing each year for several

years, how our police and fire fighters are using certain

buildings where people are not living to practice firing

shots to be ready in the event an almost daily crazy shooter

wants to kill innocent people so that our public will be

protected, the addition of so many features adding

progress to our City Center, getting back to normal operations

after we had been hacked and much more that his

office is doing to benefit our people in the City of Pembroke

Pines. Among some of our problems are the pandemic, the

war in Ukraine, very high inflation and the very disturbing

frequent shootings by people with severe mental problems.

We are delighted for the Mayor’s providing us with protection

His vital and important presentation keeps us

informed and doing all they can to protect the population of

our city. Thank you, Mayor, for all that you are doing for our


Be Well and Stay Safe,

Bernie Stauber

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