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Religious Affairs Committee - March 2022

Some good news for a change! Our Temple

has re-opened for services and some meetings.

There are a few restrictions that hopefully

will keep all of us healthy. You must bring

proof of vaccination, wear your mask, and

practice social distancing. For a while we will

limit the number of people who will come up to

the Bimah for honors. Merv is in contact with

the CDC and we will continue to follow their

recommendations and suggestions.

More good news! Rabbi Schonblum will

resume his classes. They will be held one

Sunday morning each month. The next scheduled

class is on March 13 at 10:30 AM. We are

all excited about this.

Purim is coming. A fun holiday for all. Boo

Haman and cheer for Queen Esther and

Mordechai as we read the Megillah and enjoy

seeing the Rabbi in costume. The service will

be on Wednesday March 16 at 7PM. Join the

fun and do a Mitzvah when you listen to the

Megillah (in English). If anyone wishes to wear

a costume, feel free to do so.

Stay safe and be well.

Until next month,

Sheila and Lynda

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