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Religious Affairs Committee - June 2022

The past several weeks were busy for our congregation

and the religious affairs committee. We have just concluded

the festival of Passover. It began with a wonderful Seder

held on the first night of the holiday. Rabbi Schonblum conducted

the seder, involved all of us in singing the traditional

melodies that are unique to this holiday and reading passages

from the Hagaddah. Barbara Senfeld and her committee

did a great job organizing this event that was very

well attended .Everyone loved it. Todah Rabah.

On the concluding day of Passover the Rabbi conducted

services which included the Yizkor prayer in which we

remember our departed family and friends.

This was followed by Yom Hashoa on Thursday, April 28.

The committee, under the guidance and leadership of Merv

Levin put on a program honoring those who survived the

Holocaust and ended with the singing of Hatikvah (which

means Hope). It was very moving and I want to thank

everyone who participated in and attended this event.

Shavuot is the next holiday coming up and you will be notified

soon as to when our services will be held.

Lynda and I thank you for your continued support of our

functions and urge you to attend services and volunteer . It

is great to be a part of a tradition like ours.

Stay well,

Sheila and Lynda

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