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Religious Affairs Committee - July 2022

Time marches on! We observed the festival of Shavuot

with a beautiful and meaningful service and observation on

Sunday, June 5. At that time we recited the Yizkor prayer

in memory of our departed family members and friends.

The service was followed by a delicious dairy kiddush. This

is known as TRADITION, as Tevye, the milkman would say.

Also in our heritage is the tradition of giving charity and

supporting the Temple in memory of our loved ones. If you

have not already done so, please send in your donations so

that we can continue all of our Temple services.

We do need funds, for sure, but we also need your participation.

Please say "Yes" when Lynda and I call you.

Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Take care and stay well,

Sheila and Lynda

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