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President's Message - May 2022

We are pleased to announce that we

are now open fully and are planning

many interesting and enjoyable events.

We have already celebrated Purim held

a rummage sale, had our Passover

Seder, and commemorated Holocaust

Day. We have ongoing classes with the

Rabbi, Pride Adami and even FIU.

Future events include a Radio Show, a

Craft Fair, our general membership meeting and many

more. We hope that most of you will want to participate

and share in these programs. If you have any ideas of

other programs or activities that might be of interest to our

members, please feel free to let us know so we can evaluate

them and plan for them.

We will hold our first general meeting of the Synagogue

on May 18. At this time you will be given the opportunity to

vote for several new officers and board members for the

next two years. You will also receive a copy of the proposed

budget for next year and be given an opportunity to

ask questions and to vote on it. You will also have the

opportunity to vote on any new amendments to our bylaws.

This meeting is very important and you are strongly

encouraged to make every effort to attend and participate.

This is your chance to have your voices heard.

For your information and support, I am repeating part of

my article from last month. We are at a crossroad in our

existence and it is important that if we don’t begin to support

our temple and its organizations and activities, we are

in danger of not existing too much longer. With your help

and cooperation, we can have a bright future, but we need

your help. Please read the next paragraph carefully and

see where you can participate and in that way, help us continue

to grow.

“Several members have asked, “What is needed in the

Synagogue? Where can we donate for special occasions?

How can we contribute to the Temple?” Following are

many of the ways in which you can answer these questions

and help us continue to provide for our members. The

flowers for each Shabbat cost $65.00 and can be sponsored

by up to three people. We are bringing back the

Oneg and Kiddush for each Shabbat at a cost of $75.00

each which can be sponsored by up to two people at a

time. A Yahrzeit contribution can be made when you are

observing them, I am repeating a recommended contribution

of at least $18.00. We have birthday, anniversary, get

well or sympathy cards which can be sent for a minimum of

$5.00 each, contributions can be made to the Rabbi’s

Discretionary Fund, donations to Tzedakah can be made

by dropping them into the box in the front lobby, a leaf can

be purchased for the Tree of Life to celebrate a wedding,

birth, anniversary or any other special celebration at a cost

of $125.00, a Memorial Plate can be purchased to be

placed on one of our memorial plaques at a cost of

$200.00, a seat in the Sanctuary can be purchased with

your name on it for $250.00, a plate can be purchased for

the Holocaust Torah in the front hall for 300.00. There are

several other ways to contribute including participating in

activities and attending programs. You can also leave a

legacy to the Synagogue which can be discussed individually

and can perpetuate your name as long as we exist.

This gives you an idea of how to help your Temple continue

to provide the services and programs that meet your interests

and enjoyment.”

I hope that this information has been helpful and that if

you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy and we look forward to

seeing you soon and often.


Merv Levin

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