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President's Message - June 2022

We held our first general meeting of

the Synagogue on May 18. At this time

you were given the opportunity to vote for

the president and several new officers

and board members for the next two

years. You also received a copy of the

proposed budget for next year and were

given an opportunity to ask questions

and to vote on it. This passed. You also

had the opportunity to vote on a new amendment to our bylaws,

which also passed. This meeting was very important

and gave you the forum to help us plan for the coming fiscal

year and to make it more meaningful and personal to

each one of you. We want to welcome two new members

to our Board of Directors. Congratulations to Rachel Bess

and Sally Gevis for joining the Board.

Since this is the first general membership meeting following

the merger, it is time for us to think about being a caring

family that is concerned about each other and that wants to

work cooperatively to help our temple prosper and grow.

We are well aware that the prospects for membership are

limited and this makes it even more important that we care

what happens to each one and how we can be of help to

one another. There are several types of families. There is

the family that is dysfunctional; there is the family that occasionally

calls each other; there is the family that gets

together for special events; and there is the family that

sticks together, calls each other regularly and cares for

each other. What kind of family are we? What do we want

to be? It is up to you to make us what you want. Let’s be

a happy, cooperative and caring family and try to help us

grow to be proud of our legacy and our family. If you are

asked to do something for our temple or be a part of our

service, don’t say ‘no’. Be Happy and together. Be relevant

and be counted.

Following are many of the ways in which you can help us

continue to provide for our members. The flowers for each

Shabbat cost $65.00 and can be sponsored by up to three

people. We are bringing back the Oneg and Kiddush for

each Shabbat at a cost of $75.00 each which can be sponsored

by up to three people at a time. A Yahrzeit contribution

can be made when you are observing them for any

amount. It is generally recommended that you give at least

chai ($18). You can send a get well card, congratulations,

you are missed or many other greeting cards for a minimum

of $5.00 each, contributions can be made to the

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, donations to Tzedakah can be

made by dropping them into the box in the front lobby, a

leaf can be purchased on the Tree of Life to celebrate a

wedding, birth, anniversary or any other special celebration

at a cost of $125.00, a Memorial Plate can be purchased to

be placed on one of our memorial plaques at a cost of

$200.00, a seat in the Sanctuary can be purchased with

your name on it for $250.00, a plate can be purchased for

the Holocaust Torah in the front hall for 300.00. There are

several other ways to contribute including participating in

activities and attending programs. Also, think about leaving

a legacy to the Synagogue which can be discussed

individually and can perpetuate your name. I hope that

this gives you an idea of how to help your Temple continue

to provide the services and programs that meet your interests

and enjoyment.

I hope that this information has been helpful and that if

you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy and we look forward to

seeing you soon and often.

We wish you a happy Mother’s/Father’s Day and be

happy and celebrate with your families.


Merv Levin

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