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President's Message - August 2022

Our Temple Board is planning ways to

grow, to involve our members and to

make our Synagogue more meaningful

and family oriented. Now is the time for

you to get involved, to let your ideas be

heard and to make this your Temple,

your home, and your social and religious

center of your Jewish life. You are all

part of the membership committee and

need to serve as ambassadors. Talk to your neighbors,

friends and anyone that you know doesn’t belong to a temple/

synagogue in the area. We need to actively recruit new

members or at least invite them to visit us and see what we

are about. Let’s go forward and broadcast our positive


Please take note! Each board member is being asked to

form a committee of at least five members who will be striving

for the planning and successful achievement of activities

and goals of their respective designations. If you are

asked to serve on a committee, to participate in the services

or to work on a particular project, please don’t refuse.

Help us make this organization meaningful and pertinent to

our members and to each one of us.

You have heard me talk about our members being a family.

I mean this with all my heart. The Bible says that “We

are our brother’s keeper” and it is our responsibility to

watch over each one of us, to make sure that we are safe

and healthy and that we have whatever is necessary for us

to survive and live. It has come to our attention that oftentimes,

one of our members and /or members of a family are

sick, in the hospital or even passed away and we don’t

know anything about it. PLEASE let us know so that the

Rabbi or one of us can be in touch and offer some solace

or help when needed.

Our name “Pembroke Pines Jewish Center” tells us

our goal and purpose of being. We should be the center of

Jewish life and social activity. First and foremost, we are

the religious leaders in this community. It is our responsibility

to provide comfort, information and education for the

Jewish community. Are you taking advantage of the opportunities

being provided and the classes being offered?

Thanks to Rebecca Reinstein, Barbara Fischer, Rabbi

Schonblum, Pride Adami, Merv Levin and several others,

we offer advanced classes in a variety of subjects and

interests. If you are not aware of what is being offered, call

the office (954-437-7969) and you will be directed to someone

who can help you. If we don’t offer anything that interests

you, let us know and we will investigate new ideas or


Remember, this is your Temple/Synagogue/religious

home. You help us determine what is needed or wanted.

Help us help you! Be seen! Be heard! Be active!

Stay healthy and safe.


Merv Levin

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