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Sisterhood - July 2022

At our June meeting, the members present elected our

new Co-Presidents, Dennie Deringer and Rebecca

Reinstein by acclimation. We honored outgoing Co-

Presidents Selma Karp and Sandi Rutner, who have given

so much service during the three years since the merger, and

years of service before that at Century Pines Jewish Center.

During the pandemic, Sandi was crucial in organizing our

drive-through meals. Returning Board Members are Flo

Brown, Mary Dobrinsky, Barbara Fischer, Sally Gevis, Ruth

Kirschner, Ruby Lewis, Evelyn Millian, Lani Moss, Geri

Rachlin, Arlene Stauber, and Gisela Wolf.

We’re taking a break! Sisterhood will not meet in July. We

are roaring back in August with our regular meeting, August

9 at 10:30. Co-President Rebecca Reinstein will report on

her visit to the Memorial Scrolls Center in London. We have

a Holocaust Torah on permanent loan from the Center. On

her visit she learned more about these remarkable Torahs,

what other congregations are doing to honor their Torahs,

and more about the history of our own Torah. Everyone is

welcome. Diamond’s will provide a light lunch. Although

there is no charge, call Sally Gevis (954-437-7972) to register

so we have a meal for you.

We know how you enjoy Shabbat Dinner. Get ready for a

special one, August 19, at 5PM, followed by services at 7:30.

Barbara Senfeld (561-716-4151) will take your reservations.

If you will be paying by check, please put all the checks for

your table plus your food choices in one envelope and put it

in the Sisterhood box. If paying by the DONATE button, note

your entre choice and phone.

Our Angels in May: Angelo Castillo, G-d bless America;

Marty and Dennie Deringer, love for all our grandchildren;

Mary Dobrinsky wishing a speedy recovery to Bonnie

Goldberg; Ruby and Manny Lewis celebrating our 65th

anniversary; Geri Rachlin, G-d bless our temple; Lana

Rogoff honoring my granddaughters Haley and Julia; Riva-

Jill Sparks, honoring our temple; Sharon Vidro in memory of

my husband, Melvin Vidro.

Our special programs from FIU continue in July and

August on Tuesdays at 10:30. Register at 305-919-5900.

July 5, The Search for an American Sound by Emanuel

Abramovits; July 19, Cinema Film Screening by Shelly

Isaacs; Freud, the Legacy Lives On by Dr. Suzy Gritz;

August 2, Mysterious Surprise Class; August 16, The

Creation of Walt Disney World by Sylvia Gurinsky, and The

Judeo Bolshevik Myth by Ronelle Delmont. Catch all these

fabulous programs sponsored by AvMed. If this is your first

time registering for the FIU programs here at Century

Village, be sure to ask about your discount. These programs

are open to the entire community.

Looking ahead, Rosh Hashanah begins on Sunday,

September 25, when we will have our holiday dinner before

services. We’ll Break the Fast on Wednesday night, October

5, after services. Find out about all our events on our website, Check the

calendar and Events Brochures for details. Follow us on

Facebook to see regular updates. Check the latest flyers in

the lobby of the temple or in Gigi’s.

Visit our Gift Shop. We have both secular and religious

gifts, jewelry and exclusive designs by Mary Dobrinsky. The

Holidays are coming. Stop by before services on Friday night

or call Barbara Fischer for an appointment, 954-815-0848.

Everyone is welcome at all events. Bring your vaccination

record. Masks are optional.

Dennie Deringer and Rebecca Reinstein

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