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Vice Presidents - March 2022

As the winter begins to wind down, and some of our

friends head back north for the season, I would like to provide

you with our most recent update from the CDC. Most

of you know we have been working very hard to keep you

all safe. It has been a long 2+ years and we are still

here.THANK G-D!

As we begin the Spring season later this month, we all

should be thankful for the things we have. That said, the

last 2+ years have taken a toll on our financial stability.

While everyone is working to bring in members and get

donations, we have managed to remain afloat.

As I write this message (early February), we have spoken

to our contacts at the CDC and they have advised us

that we are approaching an endemic. Now it is just a matter

of doing what we can to keep everyone safe.

On February 4th we reopened the Synagogue and we

are once again doing in-person services. It was nice to get

to see those of you that were there. While we will keep following

all of the CDC guidelines - vaccinations and masks

- we will be open. As you can imagine, your Board and

your Officers have done everything we can to minimize the

damage done by the virus and not having the building


To that end, Trudy & Lani have kept the Synagogue running

and have done a great job of keeping us informed. We

are working to get our tenants back in the building and also

getting new advertisers in our Newsletter.

We are working very hard so that we can keep our

finances in order and it is not easy, so my hat is off to

Trudy, Lani & Sherilann. We are working on the budget for

the 2022 / 2023 year. Once we have it and reviewed it, we

will convey it to our Board and then we will give it to our

membership at our annual meeting.

We wish you all a great Spring.

Jesse, Mary and Carol

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