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Vice Presidents - June 2022

As we enter the month of June, we feel the necessity for

a controlled entry system on the front doors of our

Synagogue. This will allow us to control how people come

into our building. This will also allow the people manning

the office to communicate with people at the front door and

in fact, provide them with the ability to open the door to

allow people to enter to transact the business they have

with the Synagogue.

In addition, certain members will have an app on their

smart phones that will allow them to talk to people at the

front door, communicate with them and when appropriate,

provide a small level of surveillance for our building.

This same system will allow those designated people to

see who wants to enter the building after services start and

allow them to enter. This will be true for both Friday Night

Services and Shabbat services. From this app designated

board members will be able to see who is at the front door

and grant entry after services begin for the members or

potential members of the Congregation

Given the environment that we currently live in, it is our

responsibility to protect our members. This is a very small

part of a much larger security program that we are working on

with the TSA, FEMA and the Broward Federation of Judaism.

This program is for a grant to secure the entire building and

provide even more protection to our membership.

As of this writing I have been advised that the Grant

Application will be coming out on Friday, May 13th. We

have already begun preparing to fill out the application and

educate ourselves on the necessary requirements.

We are looking forward to our new board bringing in

NEW MEMBERS with which all of you can help. We are

also looking forward to getting some of our tenants back to

provide additional revenue that we have been missing.

As the summer starts, our Religious Affairs Committee

will be preparing with Rabbi Schonblum for the High


We look forward to seeing you around the Temple and

getting back to our “New Normal”. Please be careful and

stay healthy.

On behalf of Carol Furman, Mary Dobrinsky and myself,

we wish you have a wonderful summer.

Jesse, Carol and Mary

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