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Vice Presidents - July 2022

With Independence Day right around the corner, we are

pleased to be able to serve our Congregation for another

2 years. Over this time we are hoping to be able to

increase our membership, continue to improve our building,

and to start more fund raising activities.

This will include the rentals of our ballroom for parties,

classes, political events etc. As we proceed into our 4th

year, we continue to look for opportunities to continue to

improve our membership experience. Since this month

will be the first meeting of your new board, specific assignments

or chairs have not been officially appointed.

We will continue to work to provide services for all of our

members. As always, we invite the entire community to

join us for our Shabbat Services and classes as well as

other parties and activities. As we approach the middle of

the summer, plans are underway for the High Holidays and

we will keep you advised.

We have purchased an intercom system with a camera

that will allow us to keep the doors of the building locked

and at the same time converse with the people at the door.

If you cannot get into the building, ring the bell and someone

will communicate with you and, if necessary, provide

you with access to the building remotely.

Until this process is complete, please do not attempt to

force the doors open. Once it is complete this will no

longer be a problem.

We wish you all a Happy Independence Day. Thank you

for your time, have a great summer.

Jesse, Carol and Mary

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