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Vice Presidents - February 2022

As we work our way into the New Year, 2 years after the

beginning of this pandemic, we are still working to keep our

membership healthy. For that reason we are working on

getting back to normal, but this particular variant seems to

be more contagious than the first 3 variations.

While nothing would make us happier than to try and get

back to normal, with this variant, you can have no symptoms

and be carrying the virus and not even know it. With

that in mind, it is why we have had so many BREAKTHROUGH

cases. For this reason, Merv once again has

put the health of the membership ahead of the need for

and our DEEP DESIRE to get out and socialize.

For the foreseeable future, Mary and I have been directed

to avoid gatherings to protect ourselves, not just Temple,

but family as well. We have canceled different events to

protect the members of our family. While we are triple vaccinated,

it does not mean we could not contract the virus.

In our opinion, the individuals who are running for

COVID tests during the day and go bar hopping at night

are the ones who are putting us at risk, as well as those

who refuse to get the vaccinations. In the meantime, we

pray that this surge levels out and we are looking forward

to getting back to in person services, but not at the cost of

putting anyone’s HEALTH at risk.

By the time you get this it will be February and we, hopefully,

might be back in the Synagogue. If you have a

chance, please don’t hesitate to call a friend because they

are as lonely and bored as you are.

Remember, while we have all been doing this, each of us

has dealt with it differently and we all need friendship, so

pick up the phone and call a friend and just say, “Hello,

how are you?” On behalf of Carol, Mary and myself, have

a good month.

Your Vice Pres

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