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Vice Presidents - August 2022

As we move into August, we are preparing the building

for the High Holidays and we are positive that the Religious

Affairs Committee is working very hard to make it another

memorable New Year for all of us.

Our new entry system is in place and the building is just

a little more secure for now. It is important for you to be

patient when you come to the building and the door is not

open. When you are at the door, there will be a camera

and someone in the Synagogue will open the door from

inside to let you in. This was done in an effort to protect

our members and our clergy.

As we go through August, it is incumbent upon us that

we take this time to reflect upon what we have done to help

our fellow members of our Congregation and our community.

Have we done enough? Could we have done more?

We imagine we all could have done more, but we are in a

fight. Look around; life as we knew it no longer seems to

exist. However, instead of succumbing to the negative

forces surrounding us, we should encourage each other to

Rise Above it. We should, by example, reach out and

touch each other in a positive manner. Let us be the ones

to lead by Example.

As we write this article, we are still reeling from the horrific

gun violence we have been experiencing, such as the

latest tragedy involving a sick young man who killed 7 people

in Highland Park, IL., who were merely trying to celebrate

Independence Day. For your information, this latest

incident took place in the community of Chicago where our

Past President Joel Glickman lives. So, as we reflect on

what we want for our future, please remember and pray for

all in the past year who have been victims of these horrible


So, as we look back over the past year, we need to be

thankful for what we have. We need to do more to help our

members and do what we can to help our Synagogue. On

behalf of myself and my wonderful wife Mary (who edits all

my writing) & Carol, we wish all of you a wonderful August!

Your Vice Presidents

Jesse, Carol and Mary

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