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Vice Presidents - April 2022

As we enter the month of April, we are celebrating a few

milestones in our Congregation. This is the beginning of

our 4th year of operations. It is also the month that we celebrate

our Exodus from Egypt and the beginning of our 40-

year journey. It also is one of our favorite Holidays of the

year and the importance of sharing that with the younger

generations of our family.

It is a miracle that we are still here after the last two

years of the pandemic and the significant loss of interest in

Judaism by people in general. Over the last two years we

have lost many members, some to age and others to the

virus and yet others to empathy. But it is nothing short of

a miracle that we are going into our 4th Passover at PPJC.

This month marks the milestone of the 4th year of success

as a Congregation. I am proud that I was one of many

people who worked to accomplish our goal of bringing the

secular Jewish community in Century Village and

Pembroke Pines in general together.

As we continue to work on government support and

grants we will keep you advised. This has been a physical,

physiological and financially challenging two years. There

seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, but we must

remain diligent. In THIS MONTH’S NEWSLETTER our

President’s message asks us to support the Synagogue in

many fashions.

I am asking that you look into your hearts and ask what

you can do for our Congregation. We need to try and find

legacy beneficiaries to name the Chapel, buy a seat in the

Sanctuary or even buy some of the plots that the

Congregation owns. I ask you to do what you can to help

us keep our presence in the Village alive. This is your

Congregation, there are no owners just members, so it is

up to the membership to help us continue to push forward.

Remember, if we did nothing four years ago we would

not have a place to go for either Sabbath or the High

Holidays, so as our parents before us did, we must now do

our part to keep our Congregation going.

A Zisan Peasch to all.

Jesse, Carol and Mary

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