Sisterhood - March 2021

Updated: Mar 5

We traveled the world in our February meeting via Zoom and digitized photos.

Carol Furman took us to Hawaii with spectacular scenery and visits to the Arizona memorial and largest volcano in the world. Her trip ended with a traditional luau. We were all ready to follow in her footsteps.

Bernie and Arlene Stauber included us they traveled to Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand. These three very different countries, in the same neck of the woods, have different cultures, scenery, and landmarks. Bernie filled in background information and Arlene conveyed their sense of wonder and excitement. When does the ship sail?

Sandi Rutner guided us on a most unusual trip to Israel…not your typical site-seeing tour, but a unique adventure. She spent a few weeks with the Israel Defense Forces! This program provided volunteers with barracks, uniforms, and living conditions like those of IDF recruits, with whom they shared their meals. She worked with others to pack medical supplies and take on other tasks to support the army. There were side trips to Masada and Jerusalem. Many of us were sorry not to know this opportunity existed when we were younger and fitter.

Everyone agreed, it was fun to travel again, even if vicariously. February also saw our Valentine’s Day drive-thru meal pick up catered by Diamond Kosher Caterer. AvMed sponsored a special Pre-Purim Parking lot Party for us with DJ, food, dancing and prizes for best mask and costume. Folks tell us they enjoy these events not only for the food but for the chance to socialize a little and stay engaged in PPJC.

Tuesday, March 2, at 10:30, please join us on Zoom, as Joy Siegel reviews “The Answer is...: Reflections on My Life,” by Alex Trebek. This will be an interesting look at the man we watched on Jeopardy! for years. Everyone is welcome at this free event.

Many of you know, Joy works for AvMed, a Sisterhood sponsor. AvMed is sponsoring a free drive-thru events, Tuesday, March 23 from 10 to 12. If you’ve been before, you know these are fun with music, gifts, snacks, and useful information. You’ll even get your picture taken. Our Gift Shop will have a booth, and this is your chance to see Mary Dobrinsky’s latest hand-crafted jewelry, as well as our other popular items.

Wednesday, March 10, our newest sponsor, Dynamic Studios, will have a free, fun drive-thru from 11 – 12 with many booths where vendors will give away food, gifts, and information. And, yes, the Gift Shop will be there.

The most important event coming in March is Passover. This year, we’ll celebrate with a full Seder Dinner pick-up event, Friday, March 26 from 11 – 12. Eric Rutner of Diamond Kosher Caterer’s has outdone himself this year. Your entrée choices will be ½ a roasted chicken, all dark meat chicken, salmon or brisket. This will be accompanied by a box of Matzo, Gefilte Fish with Red Horseradish, Matzo Ball Soup, Potato Kugel, Tzimmes, Macaroons, and Cake. All this is only $36. Order now and don’t delay. To register, call Steve Reinstein, 305-502-7755 or the PPJC Office, 954-437-7969. You can also use the DONATE button on our updated website: (If you’ve used our site before, you may need to type out the full name or clean out your cache to access the new site.)

We’ll be posting more Sisterhood news on the new website and the PPJC Facebook page. Drop by and like us and leave your comments. Remember, everyone is welcome at all Sisterhood events. Hope to see you soon.

-- Co-Presidents, Selma Karp, Rebecca Reinstein, Sandi Rutner

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