Sisterhood January 2021


As you read this, a new year is starting. Many of us are happy to see 2020 go and wishing for a much happier 2021. Sisterhood held our drive-up Hanukkah lunch with latkes, apple sauce, and more on December 13. We had a steady stream of people coming to share the meal as they went home to watch our streaming traditional Menorah- lighting celebration. Thanks to Sandi Rutner and her team for their hard work to make this event a success.

Suzi Cruz was the star attraction for our December meeting, an annual tradition for us. She had so many beautiful items to share with us on Zoom including jewelry and pocketbooks. Of course, she enticed us with her Sunshine Cosmetics lotions, potions, and makeup. The timing was perfect for Hanukkah gifts and to stock up for 2021.

Our January 5 meeting will still be on Zoom with a spe- cial program. Although many of us no longer do much cooking, several of us still like to rustle up old favorites. Comfort food has taken on more importance during the pandemic. We’ll enjoy short mouth-watering videos of our members making their favorite dishes from their own kitchens. Yes, we’ll supply the recipes so you can try your hand at home. The meeting is at 10:30 and you can watch on your computer, tablet or phone at

February 2 at 10:30, our favorite sponsor AvMed will present a book review. Check out our website for details or visit us on Facebook (Pembroke Pines Jewish Center or for the most up-to- date information. Don’t forget to “like” our page, “follow” us, and comment on our postings.

After a short hiatus, Barbara Fischer and Mary Dobrinsky are back, opening the Gift Shop by

APPOINT- MENT ONLY, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. This is your chance to see Mary’s incredible one-of-a-kind jewelry, as well as Judaica and secular gifts. Call Barbara at

954-815-0848 to schedule and show up wearing your mask.

You know you love to get the juices flowing Dancing with TJ or floating in the calm bliss of yoga. Everyone is wel- come to check out these and other activities sponsored by AvMed. Check the dates and times and register for these free programs at calendar.

Membership in Sisterhood is open to everyone. Call Dennie Deringer at 954-559-1448 to arrange to pay your dues or send a check to PPJC 1200 SW 136th Avenue or use the Donate button on our website.

Project Connect has a variety of services available such as check-in calls, meals, food shopping,

and connection to resources you may need. This new nonprofit is operated by Liba Andrusier and you are encouraged to connect at 754-800-4770. She also has opportunities for volunteers.

We hope to “see” you at our upcoming meetings and events. Enjoy connecting with us.

Selma Karp, Sandi Rutner and Rebec Reinstein, Co-Presidents

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