Sisterhood - February 2022

In January, we returned to meeting on Zoom as the

Omicron variant of COVID has closed in-person meetings

for now. As of this writing in January, we do not know when

we will resume meeting in Pembroke Pines Jewish Center.

When in doubt, check our website, https://www.pembrokepinesjewishcenter.

com/ and choose the

Events/Calendar or Sisterhood. Visit us on Facebook at

Pembroke Pines Jewish Center. We keep these up to date

with the latest information and details.

Our February 8th meeting at 10:30 will feature a book

review by Joy Siegle, our AvMed sponsor. She’ll be reviewing

“101 Essays that will change the way you think” by

Brianna Wiest. This inspiring and thought-provoking book

will get you excited. Check the website calendar to see if we

will meet on Zoom or in the temple.

Josh Raskin, CEO of the Village Medical Center provided

us vital information about their new services, including testing

for COVID at out January meeting. You can check them

out at or call 1 (954) 900-

1466. Monday through Friday they are open from 8 – 5.

At our December meeting many new Angels arrived to support

our Sisterhood efforts and/or honor others: Eva Berg, her

birthday; Dennie Deringer, Happy New Year to All; Judy

Elkind, donation; Rhoda Levine, donation; Doug McOwen

and Janet Petrie, donation; Frieda Meltzer, her birthday and

anniversary; Sandi Rutner, honoring grandson Daniel’s

admission to medical school; and Gilda Sacks, donation. (We

had one other birthday, which will appear in March.) As a

reminder, we always acknowledge our Angels. Because our

articles are due to the Newsletter and COOPPA on the 5th of

the month, they may not appear until two months after the


Contact Barbara Fischer (954-815-0848) if you want

something specific from the Gift Shop and she will arrange

to work with you.

Get ready for Purim beginning on the evening of

Wednesday, March 16. We will be providing you with Purim

baskets, Mishloach Manot (sending of portions,) to send to

all your friends, relatives, and others. According to halakha,

every Jew over 13 should send the food gifts to at least one

recipient. Here’s how it works. We will send out a full listing

of temple membership to everyone. You will mark or highlight

the people you want to send baskets. You will send

your list back and $1per name to the temple, care of

Sisterhood by Friday, March 4. You can pay by cash or

check or use the Donate button. You may have as many

people on your list as you want. We inform the recipients

they will have a basket waiting for pick up before the

Reading of the Megillah. (Check website calendar for day

and time.) For shut-ins, we will arrange for delivery.

Selma Karp, Sandi Rutner and Rebecca Reinstein,


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