Religious Affairs Committee - February 2022

As I sit here and write this article it is hard

for me to believe that a new year, 2022 is

upon us. We made great strides in 2021 getting

the Temple back on its feet again after

Covid struck last year. But history often

repeats itself and we once again have to fight

this enemy. Let's hope this setback is short

lived and we can resume our in person services

and programs once again.

We had a great Chanukah celebration in

December and we are looking forward to celebrating

many more festivals and holidays


Although we cannot be in the Temple for

services now, you can still feel that you a

valuable part of this congregation. We will

livestream all the services until it is safe for

us to return. Once again, our dedicated

"streamers", Steve, Larry, Manny and Doug

deserve our praise and admiration. Also, let's

not forget our Rabbi and Merv and Malka

who continue to lead services for us while we

are at home. Your efforts are welcome and


Lynda, Richard and I wish each of you a

happy, healthy, and safe 2022..

Until next month,

Sheila and Lynda

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