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Rabbi's Message - March 2022 - As We Find The Light

Dear Friends,

The story is told of a wealthy man

who had three sons. As he was uncertain

as to which son he should entrust

with the management of his business,

he devised a test. He took his three

sons to a room which was absolutely

empty and he said to each of them, “Fill this room as best

as you are able.” The first son got to work immediately.

He called in bulldozers, earth-moving equipment, workmen

with shovels and wheelbarrows, and they got very

busy. By the end of the day the room was filled, floor to

ceiling, wall to wall, with earth. The room was cleared and

the second son was given his chance. He was more of an

accountant type, so he had no shortage of paper. Boxes,

files, archives and records that had been standing and

accumulating dust for years and years, suddenly found a

new purpose. At any rate, it didn’t take long and the room

was absolutely filled from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, with

paper. Again the room was cleared and the third son was

given his turn. He seemed very relaxed and didn’t appear

to be gathering or collecting anything at all with which to

fill the room. He waited until nightfall and then invited his

father and the family to join him at the room. Slowly, he

opened the door. The room was absolutely pitch black,

engulfed in darkness. He took something out of his pocket.

It was a candle. He lit the candle and suddenly the

room was filled with light.

He got the job. The truly wise son understands how to

fill a vacuum. The intelligent person knows that the emptiness

of life needs light. Torah is light. Shabbat candles illuminate

and make a Jewish home radiant with light. G-dly

truths and the eternal values of our Jewish heritage fill our

homes and families with the guiding light to help us to our

destinations safely and securely.

May we all be blessed to take the candle of G-d and with

it, fill our lives and illuminate our homes with that which is

good, kind, holy and honorable. Amen!

If anyone knows of someone who is ill or has

passed or is in some other need please call or

email me directly so that I can make contact with

them. My number is 305-338-3029 and my email is

Rabbi Schonblum

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