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President's Message - March 2022

We reopened the temple on February

4 and ask that you continue to bring your

vaccination cards with you, wear your

masks in the temple and continue to

practice sound and safe precautions at

all times. Please protect yourself and

others by using good judgement and

care. We will resume serving light food,

having an oneg or kiddush or holding

dinners as soon as the Board votes to do so. Meetings and

rentals may begin in house cautiously and slowly as soon

as they decide that it is safe to do so. We will continue to

follow CDC guidelines and ask that you remain patient,

work with us and follow our rules so we may continue to

move forward. If you have any questions, please call the

office for accurate information. We look forward to you

coming and enjoying our services and socializing for a few

minutes with your temple family.

We want to take this opportunity to thank those who did

the streaming and maintained the Synagogue so that we

were able to keep our members informed, provided religious

services during this pandemic and made sure that

we could reopen quickly and safely. Our appreciation goes

to Manny Lewis, Larry Moss, Steve Reinstein, Doug

McGowen and Mike Canter. May they continue to have

strength and stay healthy.

It has become evident that there is a rise in Antisemitism

in Florida. We are very concerned and are beginning to take

steps to make certain that we are safe and that our temple

is protected. We are forming a safety committee to study

and plan for maintaining a safe environment. If you are

interested in working on this committee, please call me so

we can discuss it and direct you to the appropriate person

in charge. Watch your newsletter for further information.

Remember that our Sisterhood now meets on the second

Tuesday of the month (rather than the first) and our Men’s

Club meets the last Sunday of each month. Both of these

important arms of our Temple are looking for new members

and people who are interested in working and helping our

Congregational family grow. Let us know if you have any

suggestions, bucket lists or contacts that will help us provide

more enjoyment or enlightenment for the members of

this community. Be on the lookout for new potential members.

Have you noticed the beautiful flowers adorning the

Bimah each week? They seem to be more beautiful and

add so much to our services. We have sponsors through

March, but if you want to continue having them, we need

sponsors beyond that date.

If you want to have an oneg or kiddush following services

each week, we will need to have sponsors. The cost for

sponsoring will be $50.00 for each until we see what our

actual costs are. Those who have already scheduled

onegs, will be rescheduled in March.

Stay safe and healthy and practice recommended precautions.


Merv Levin

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