President's Message - June 2021


Now that we are ready to move forward, Shavuot is over and the warm weather is here, it is time to concentrate on reopening safely and quickly. In order to do this systematically, it is necessary to restate the procedures and the guidelines for keeping everyone safe. Following are the rules which have been established and will be enforced while we reopen fully with everyone having the opportunity to get together in our religious home. You do not have to preregister, but everyone is invited to rejoin us for services and participate in the ongoing activities as they are announced.

In order to open safely, everyone will have to wear a mask inside the building and maintain a safe distance from each other. You will have to show your vaccination card and be current in your membership. The seats in the Sanctuary have been taped off for your safety and you are asked to please observe the arrangements. No food will be served in the Temple at this time until we are advised that it is safe to do so. We look forward to seeing all of our Temple family as quickly as possible and hope that you are ready to come home.

Don’t forget to join with us in the raffle for a year’s free membership. We will continue drawing names through June, so even if you haven’t won yet, there are still 2 more chances for you to win, so continue donating your $10.00 each month for a chance to win. We want to congratulate the members who won a free membership for 2021-2022. Mazel Tov to those who have already won.

We are presently undertaking a new venture for our members. Since many of our family are ordering reserved plaques, it is essential that we have contact information so that when the time comes, we are able to get the information to be placed on the board. Please make certain that we have this in your folders so it will be available when needed. We often try to contact former members or even current members who may be ill, and we cannot locate them. Please help us be able to help you.

Do you like the flowers that adorn our Bimah every weekend? We have flowers ordered through July 2. If you wish to continue having them, we need your orders. No order-no flowers! They are only $65.00 and two of you can join together if you wish. Don’t let it stop now, call the office at 954-437-7969 or Merv at 954-437-0334 and order them for a special person or occasion. Let’s keep them going!

Have you been taking advantage of our many activities and programs, the drive-thrus, the streaming of services, the Rabbi’s messages, the Men’s Club or Sisterhood Zoom meetings, the dinners and parking lot activities, picking up flyers at Gigi’s or when placed on bulletin boards, listening to announcements or phone tree messages? If you haven’t been able to participate, contact one of the Board members to try to help you get involved and become a part of the Synagogue family.

Be sure to Stay safe and Healthy.


Joel Glickman and Merv Levin

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