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President's Message January 2021

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

We wish all our PPJC family a happy, healthy, and fruitful year. May we see better days and may our congregation grow and prosper. We hope that you all stayed safe and survived the holiday season without any mishaps.

Since we have had to remain closed for the past several months, we have encountered unexpected expenditures and our proposed budget is completely out of balance. In an effort to keep you all aware of what is happening in our Synagogue, we have tried to have several drive-bys, Zoom meetings, streaming of services and announcements, phone tree messages and more. Announcements are made every Friday Night and Saturday morning after services and the Newsletter is still being sent every month. We are trying to keep you posted on what is happening and what we are doing to keep us afloat. We try to put flyers in Gigi’s, announcements in the COOPPA Paper and try in various ways to let you know what is happening

We monitor the CDC guidelines daily and stand ready to open the doors as soon as we determine that it is safe. With this in mind, be advised that we are trying to keep you up to date with where we are and how we are doing. Hopefully with the promise of the vaccine coming soon, we look forward to being able to open gradually in the near future. We’ll keep you posted on how we’re progressing and what is happening. Be sure to watch our streaming and check our website regularly. Our PPJC Website is kept up to date and all announcements or information is published regularly so that you will have the most recent news and find out what is going on in our Synagogue.

We ask that you consider ordering a Memorial plaque for a loved one or even a reserved one for yourself, purchase a leaf on our Tree of Life for special events or Simchas or just to honor someone, sponsor flowers in honor of someone or something, send greeting cards from our office or just make a contribution to our Synagogue because you feel that you should or want to do so. Pledges for Yom Kippur, Yizkor, dues or other donations can be paid off throughout the year so that it doesn’t hit you too hard at one time. Call the office and make arrangements to pay your pledges on a regular basis.

We need you now so that we can be here when YOU need us. Our expenses continue even while we are closed, and we do have to keep up with them until we are able to reopen. Our membership has decreased substantially from 280 members last year to 180 members this year and we need your help NOW. If you have any questions, feel free to call the office or one of our board members for more information.

Stay safe and healthy.


Merv Levin and Joel Glickman, Co-Presidents

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