PPJC Men's Club April 2021


At our Friday evening services during February 12, it had been announced that Merv Levin, our temple president, will be celebrating his birthday. Also, it had been stated that Ernie and Gisela Wolf will be celebrating their 71st wedding anniversary as well as Ernie’s 94th birthday. Our club wishes these

members who are being honored the best of health and happiness.

On Sunday February 14, we had a paid-up Valentine’s Day meal which included a delicious variety to choose from.

On February 19, we had an AvMed Medicare drive through event with music, giveaways and refreshments with fun filled stops from 10 A.M. until noon. During those hours, Medicare benefit consultants were available to answer any questions concerning healthcare. In addition to this event, AvMed followed with a pre-Purim parking lot party from noon until 2 P.M. the same day, featuring food, a live DJ, dancing, prizes for best masks and best costumes and lots of fun.

On February 25, from 11 A.M until 1 P.M., Humana sponsored free giveaways from different companies and lunch and music had been provided for us to have another event to have fun and enjoy.

On February 28, we had a paid up breakfast for members and their guests who were charged a small amount of money to attend.

For April 25, Steve Reinstein and Manny Lewis are working together to present a virtual Bingo activity.

Our club has donated another portion of our pledge money to our temple for this year. Sheldon Privin won the $10 raffle drawing for the month of January and will not have to pay next year’s dues. Our next raffle will be sold again during this month of February and continue each month through June. Please enter this contest because you may be the next lucky winner and will be contributing to our temple.

Be Well and Stay Safe,

Bernie Stauber

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