PPJC Men's Club JULY 2020

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

On Sunday, July 26, our Men’s Club held our monthly meeting using Zoom. The reading of the minutes followed and then came our treasury report. Manny Lewis, Membership Chairman, asked for volunteers to assist when he and Steve are streaming with our Friday evening and Saturday morning temple services.

After our meeting ended, our guest speaker was former Commissioner Angelo Castillo who had lost in his bid to become mayor, However, he will be running for office and will be on the ballot as a civil servant during the August 18 election. He spoke about the ICU beds in the hospital being seriously challenged because of the coronavirus.

Plans for the date when children and teachers can return to school are being carefully evaluated for their safety.

Crime in Pembroke Pines has decreased and neighbors are helping each other. Currently, about 350,000 votes by mail have been sent for the August 18 election, The telephone number to track these ballots is 954-357-7050 or go to www.browardsoe.org. He urged us to keep at least 6 feet distancing, wear masks, and frequently wash our hands.

The hurricane season has increased the strain of the coronavirus so that he told us to be prepared in having batteries, radios, and bottled water, to name a few, in our homes. It is not safe in having family, relatives, and friends visit you during this coronavirus pandemic.

At the present time, the United States has had more than four million cases of the coronavirus and we have to be extremely cautious to prevent being tested positive.

Our club applauded his valuable and informative presentation.

Stay safe,

Bernie Stauber

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