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Men's Club - May 2022

It was the last Sunday of the month on March 27 and our

Men’s Club had their monthly meeting at Gigi’s. At 10 A.M.,

Doug McOwen, our president opened our meeting. After

the reading of the minutes and report of our treasury balance,

congratulations were given to Fred Kirschner who

was the winner of our raffle drawing. David Hendel, one of

our members present at today’s meeting complained that

he had never received any notice to attend any of our

meetings or events. Steve Reinstein remarked that he

sends out emails and other communications each month to

remind members to attend. Merv Levin, our president, told

us that we have to improve our methods to contact our

members so that they will know about the functions and

therefore it is hoped more people will be attending. Also,

Merv stated that some names of people had been left out

of the list of members and we should look into correcting

this at once.

Our club will seek to look for ideas to entice non-members

to join our club in becoming members.

After our meeting ended, our guest speaker was Judge Bill

Alfield. His presentation centered upon judicial ethics and

covered many interesting and surprising discussions covering

various judges who had been corrupt. He distributed a

paper concerning judicial ethics and our club had to determine

whether the ones he presented were true or false.

Examples of these questions are as follows:

Can a judge ask another judge to write a letter of recommendation

for his son applying at that judge’s alma mater

Can a judge add lawyers as friends on facebook?

Can a judge blog?

Can a judge wear a lapel pin signifying his relationship

with a political party?

Should a judge recuse himself when an attorney supporting

his opponent for his re-election comes before him on a


Should a judge recuse himself in a disaster caused by a

person’s negligence in using an anchoring chain if he only

read about this incident in a newspaper?

A judge’s spouse is politically active for a candidate the

spouse is working for and the judge wants to put up a yard


Everyone applauded Judge Alfield’s informative and

valuable presentation,

Judge Bill Alfield is to be praised as an honest, caring

and intelligent person and Judge serving the people.

Be Well and Stay Safe,

Be well and stay safe,

Bernie Stauber

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