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Men's Club March 2022

Doug McOwen, our club’s president, opened our meeting

on Sunday January 30, 2022. Our treasury report’s current

balance is the same as last month because Ken, our

treasurer, has a meeting at the bank. Doug made a motion

that our club’s board meeting held on the third Thursdays

each month begin at 7 PM instead of 5:30. This motion

was approved. He thanked Steve and members who have

helped him in his new important role as president.

Herb Valhuerdi will try to have a fire department representative

as our speaker during one of our future meetings.

Judge Bill Allfield will be our speaker for the month of

March, Merv Levin, our temple president, told us to bring

items to be collected for our rummage sale to the chapel of

our temple. Donated items can be brought to our temple

during the week from Mondays to Fridays from 10 AM to

12 PM. They must be in good condition. The day of this

presentation will be on Sunday March 20. Merv and Doug

will be the managers and Merv can be reached, if needed,

at 954-558=0099 and Doug at 954-253-0596. We will

attempt to have Debbie Wasserman Schultz as a speaker

at a future meeting.

Merv discussed meeting a group to discuss security and

anti-semitism in the synagogue. Also, he spoke about purchasing

a raffle for $10 beginning the month of January to

be entered into our drawing for a free temple membership

for next year. The winner will be announced during the first

Friday of February. If you do not win, then you can purchase

another raffle the following month for the next 5

months with the winner announced during the first Friday

of the following months.

After our meeting ended, our guest speaker was representative

Rick Stark. He began by being happy returning

as our speaker and praised Steve Reinstein for his leadership

in the Computer Club. He told us that Robin

Bartleman will now be our representative. He discussed

what has been happening to him during the past two years.

He had lost a bid to become Mayor of Weston. Then, a

major impact upon him and his family was that his mother

and father had gotten ill with the current pandemic. He has

been active as an insurance agent working with Medicare

and Medicare Advantage people enrolled in these programs.

He is actively working for a Jewish Caucus with the

Democratic office in Broward County trying to get Jewish

candidates elected. He discussed anti-Semitism citing the

synagogue incident that had occurred in Pennsylvania.

He mentioned his close relationship he had with Al

Hastings and now with the special election to replace him

after his death. He did not say whether or not he will run

again because of his parents being ill. The Jewish Caucus

keeps him very busy, He spoke about the Democratic party

having more voters, however, more Republican voters

have been coming out to vote during certain elections.

Lately, Republicans are making it more difficult to vote by

mail in the state of Florida.

He discussed the reports that although some people

have had both shots and a booster, nevertheless, there are

some who have gotten the omicron virus. He spoke about

critical race theory and the holocaust not being taught in

the Florida schools.

The movement supporting Donald Trump after the

January 6, 2021 insurrection has divided our nation. Also,

he told us about protesters against college students getting

vaccinated because they feel vaccinations produce autism.

He ended his discussions in stating his belief that the

major divisions in our nation are caused by Russia and

China. Our club thanked Rick Stark for his informative and

valuable presentation.

Be Well and Stay Safe,

Bernie Stauber

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