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Men's Club January 2021

Three days after we celebrated Thanksgiving Day, our Men’s Club, using zoom, had our last Sunday of the month meeting on November 29. After Steve Reinstein, our pres- ident, opened our meeting, he spoke about the success of using Zoom to share the holiday with his family and Rebecca’s. Manny Lewis, Membership Chairman, reported that our club did not add any members since our last month’s meeting. He will contact those men who have not yet rejoined and try to encourage them to pay their dues.

Merv, our Temple President, praised Malka Lerner for volunteering to conduct services with our Rabbi, Dennie Deringer for all of her efforts in our membership and Doug McOwen for telephoning members one hour prior to the meeting reminding them to attend.

Our drive through luncheon honoring veterans held on November 15 was successful. We want to thank everyone who attended.

Our New Year’s Eve Party scheduled for December 31 featured each person attending speaking for about 3 to 5 minutes concerning the impact of this holiday upon him or her.

We are in the process of sponsoring a “virtual bingo”. More details about this activity will be

discussed at our next meeting.

A Tu B’Shevat barbecue will be held on January 24, 2021. The food will be delicious so we ask you to attend this event and consider attending the others.

After our meeting ended, our guest speaker was our Temple Vice President, Jesse Dobrinsky. He told us that he had been involved with several businesses before retiring and also had been a president of a temple. Several years ago when it because necessary to merge Village Reform Congregation with Century Pines, Jesse was an important leader joining Merv Levin, Saul Marmelstein, Marty Deringer and Steve Reinstein on our VRC executive committee to merge with Century Pines under the leadership of Joel Glickman and Carol Furman. The merger was not an easy task taking several years to accomplish. Merv praised Jesse as such a dynamic leader of several committees stating that our success in merging both temples are related to the hard work and leadership Jesse provided.

Jesse took charge of our temple having the installation of LED parking lights and with iour building’s roof and its air conditioning.

Despite some people not rejoining our temple because of the pandemic and other circumstances, Jesse feels that because we will soon be able to obtain vaccines to combat this deadly virus, he is optimistic for the future of our temple. Rabbi Schonblum is such an inspirational force in conducting successful services for both reform and conservative members.

Thank you, Jesse, for such a valuable presentation and for all of your tireless efforts to benefit our congregation.

Be We l and Stay Safe,

Bernie Stauber

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