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Men's Club - February 2022

Our Sunday meeting scheduled for December 26 to be

held at Gigi’s had been canceled. However, here is what

has or will be happening:

1—Doug McOwen, our Men’s Club president, told us

that when Ken, our treasurer, returns, he will report an

additional $310 that will be added to our previous treasury


2—Manny Lewis, membership chairman, distributed a

list of paid up and non paid up members in our club. Non

paid up members have been contacted and requested to

pay their dues.

3---Our Men’s Club has welcomed Herb Valhuerdi as a

new member of our Board. He had been present for our

Thursday December16 Board meeting and stated that he

will make a visit to the police station to ask them to provide

a speaker for our last Sunday of the month meeting to discuss

and answer questions regarding the daily gun violence

that is happening in our nation.

4---Merv reminded us that we have a calendar committee

listing our events and also providing open dates to

sponsor other activities.

5---Doug asked our Board members, whenever possible,

to participate in each Men’s Club presentation.

6---Once again, Merv suggested and it was approved

that we begin selling raffle tickets again at $10 per raffle so

that the winner of the drawing obtains one full year of free

temple membership as the prize. Money will begin to be

collected during the month of January 2022 and the first of

5 months of continuous drawings will take place on the first

Friday in February.

7---Merv spoke about the FIU Life learning Institute sessions

to be given in 2022 which will provide interesting and

enjoyable subjects for our benefit at reasonable fees.

8---Steve discussed our having a garage sale to seek

donations of items from volunteers to help our club and

temple. Sunday February 20, 2022 at 2 PM is the date

suggested to sponsor this event.

9---Merv thanked Steve and Manny for fixing the streaming

in our temple.

10---Our next Radio Show will take place on February

27,2022. Each of the presentations during the past years

have been so enjoyable with lots of fun.

11---The new virus has attacked several of our members.

Merv insisted that when we enter our temple, we

must wear masks and show proof of having been vaccinated.

12---My wife, Arlene and I wish you and your families

good health and happiness for the new year with many

more to follow.

Be Well and Stay Safe,

Bernie Stauber

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