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Men's Club - April 2022

During our last Sunday of the month meeting on

February 27, using zoom, our Men’s Club was extremely

honored in having a guest speaker who is such an important,

unique, personable and brilliant leader who devoted

our entire meeting to a vital topic. Rebecca Reinstein,

president of Sisterhood and so important to our temple in

so many undertakings, led our discussion on the topic of

Critical Race Theory. Using the computer illustrating her

non political discussion, an outline of her presentation is as


—What is Critical Race Theory or CRT and why is it so

important. It had been defined as a cross disciplinary intellectual

and social movement of civil right scholars who

seek to interact race into law in the United States and to

challenge mainstream liberal approach to racial justice.

There were so many features of this presentation that a

summary will be highlighted:

—To open, it focuses upon amendments 13, 14 and 15

in our Constitution.

—During the 1970’s with President Johnson leading

changes in civil rights

—Civil Rights had been eroding in certain places and its

laws had been unequal in sections of our nation,

—Support for our public schools had been declining

—Critical legal studies were based upon critical thinking

which tried to analyze issue problems objectively to examine

laws and legal systems and to publicize historical,

social, economic and psychological aspects of legal decisions.

—Academic studies in some law schools never gained

wide spread acceptance.

—Derrick Bell (1930 to 2011)–had been a lawyer with

the Department of Justice, then professor at a California

university, then Dean at a University of Oregon followed by

being a professor of law at Harvard University where he

became the first tenured African American professor and

the first to be tenured.

However, when he protested that black women in the

academic field in that university had not been granted

tenure, he was somehow removed from his position. He

received a position in NYU where he spent the rest of his

life until his death in 2011. He was the first to codify in

establishing Critical Race Theory.

—Kimberly Crenshaw organized a CRT workshop at the

University of Wisconsin in 1989 and in 2002, more than 20

United States schools offered these courses in colleges

and universities.

—Critics of CRT cited that there was too much time

given to story telling and not enough factual analysis.

Many critics felt that children should be taught about the

facts of racism. Many feel that racism is embedded in the

legal system and in policies.

—Christopher Rufo, with the Manhattan Institute Think

Tank is a major critic of CRT. He claims that CRT will overturn

the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

He contacted a former president to ban CRT in the federal


—Governor DeSantis of Florida advanced anti-CRT legislation

with “Stop the Woke Act”. This act began in 1930

to alert to the injustices in society, especially to African

Americans. This movement examines places where African

Americans are being discriminated adapted to Black Lives


—An Anti-CRT bill will ban CRT in all Florida schools

even though it has not been taught. Parents will be allowed

to see whether it will be taught in the Florida schools in the


—1619 Project offers a version of the American past and

present and focuses upon 1619. At that time in the month

of August, a ship had arrived in the British colony of Virginia

carrying 20 to 30 enslaved people from Africa.

—Heritage Foundation—presents economic freedom

based upon the rule of law, property rights, government

integrity, regulatory efficiency, business and labor freedoms

and monitory freedoms.

—And a statement that one should learn from is that if

information that is offered to you is offensive, then you are

less likely to repeat it.

—Our club applauded Rebecca for her outstanding presentation

and valuable knowledge. She is so unique, brilliant

and has outstanding qualities.

Be Well and Stay Safe,

Bernie Stauber

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