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Sisterhood November 2020

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Can you believe it’s November already with Thanksgiving and Hannukah just around the corner? Sisterhood is busy as ever with our activities, which are always open to everyone, men and women. The Temple is sponsoring a Thanksgiving dinner drive by so contact Eileen Cohen for details and to order, 954-435-5811.

Our own October 30th Shabbat dinner drive-by was enjoyed by so many of you, with compliments to our “chef,” Diamond Kosher Caterer. When you’re in the mood for Eric Rutner’s signature meals, call 954-438-8998 or visit 10408 Taft Street. We’ll be doing a Hannukah lunch drive by with Eric, Sunday, December 13 from 11-12. Enjoy traditional holiday fare with potato pancakes, as you support us during this stressful time.

November’s Sisterhood meeting will fill feature psychologist Staci Schnell on November 3 at 10:30. She’ll be talking to us about dealing with the many stresses brought on by the pandemic. Because this has gone on for so many months, many of us are experiencing the telltale signs of prolonged stress. Learn what you can do to improve your daily life. Staci always brings practical advice to any situation. Join us on Zoom, If you would rather join by phone, call Rebecca Reinstein, 305-606-9312.

Barbara Fischer opens our Gift Shop on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings by appointment only. Many of you have been checking out our latest acquisitions and old favorites, including the line of one-of-a-kind jewelry created by our own Mary Dobrinsky. Although Mary’s up north now, she left her fabulous collection with us. Now’s the time to get those unique Hannukah gifts. Call Barbara (954-815-0848) for an appointment and don’t forget to show up wearing a mask at your designated time. To maintain social distance, only one person will be in the shop at a time. Don’t delay!

Membership chair Dennie Derringer is collecting dues. Give her a call at 954-559-1448. Support our efforts to bring you great programming during the pandemic and the work of Pembroke Pines Jewish Center.

Many of you have been joining us for our AvMed sponsored events. You know how much fun we have with TJ, relaxing with Laughing Yoga, and stimulating those brain cells with the book club. The details for all the programs and more are on the website,

Dancing with TJ: November 6 and 20, December 11. Book Club: November 18, December 2. Laughing Yoga November 13, December 4. See you online for these engaging events. Have ideas for speakers, events, or fun things we can do online? Give Rebecca a call. Stay safe and enjoy life.

— Co-Presidents,

Selma Karp, Rebecca Reinstein, Sandi Rutner

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