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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

We wish all our members, relatives, and friends a happy, healthy, and safe New Year. May you all find only good times in 5781.

We hope that you are all safe and doing well. It has come to our attention that

the Covid-19 Virus has come to some of our own members. We wish them a speedy recovery and a mild case. It is with this in mind that we find it necessary to follow the recommendations of the CDC. We have, therefore, decided to remain closed until further notice.

We will be streaming our High Holiday services so that you can all pray with us. We hope that everyone will choose to join us and participate in the services from your own homes. We are limited to a maximum of 11 people in the Temple during the service since we will have a Torah service and the blowing of the Shofar which require a minion. Precaution is being taken to provide for proper distancing, wearing masks, and using gloves.

Since we purchased and used a new Mahzor for the Holidays last year, you will not be able to use the old red prayer books. Anyone who wishes to borrow one of the new books for this year may do so by leaving a $20.00 deposit with the Temple which can be redeemed when the book is returned. If you wish to make arrangements to borrow a book, please contact the office (954-437-7969) and speak with Trudy Lerner.

The schedule for services can be found elsewhere in this newsletter and if you need help in being able to join the streaming, call Steve Reinstein at 305-502-7755 or Manny Lewis at 954-367-5785.

We hope that you have noticed the beautiful flowers on the Bimah each week. They do help to make our services a little more attractive and provide an opportunity for our members to remember or honor loved ones, to celebrate happy occasions or special events. They remain $65.00 for the two arrangements and help to support our Temple. Please contact Merv @ 954-437-0334 or call the Temple office @ 954-437-7969. We have flowers ordered through October 2. If you wish to order them, be aware that they may be ordered for October 9 and thereafter. We also wish to remind those who may have overlooked or just forgot that the dues for the new fiscal year are due.

We still have to pay our usual obligations and maintenance of our building even with the Pandemic so we ask that you make an effort to pay dues, pledges and promises as soon as possible. You can either mail your check, bring it to the Synagogue and slip it through the front doors or go to our web site and push the donate button. We look for-ward to hearing from you in a timely manner.

Stay safe and healthy, follow the guidelines by the CDC and call at least one other member each week to make certain they are well. Your calls are important and very much appreciated. They do much to keep people uplifted and help to know that someone cares.


Joel Glickman and Merv Levin, Co-Presidents

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