From The Presidents - May 2021


It has been over a year since we had to close our doors due to the pandemic. Now all of us have the opportunity to be vaccinated and protected against the virus and therefore provide the possibility of reopening sooner than expected. If, for any reason, you have not yet received the vaccine, please try to get it as soon as possible so you can join with us when we do reopen. If any congregant or member of a congregant’s family in FLORIDA needs assistance in getting a vaccine, call Joel Glickman (co-president) at 847-212-7777 or email him at GLK@AOL.COM.

In order for us to reopen safely, we will have to follow these rules very rigorously: EVERYONE WILL HAVE TO WEAR A MASK, MAINTAIN SAFE (AT LEAST SIX FEET) DISTANCE, USE THE SANITARY WIPES OR LIQUID AND WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE ENTERING THE SANCTUARY. WE WILL HAVE TO HAVE A COPY OF YOUR VACCINATION CARD ON FILE IN OUR OFFICE. We will NOT be serving any food or drinks in the building at this time.

We want to remind you that Passover will begin on Saturday Night, March 27 and end on Saturday, April 3. We will stream services on Sunday Morning, March 28 at 10:00 A.M. and on Saturday, April 3 at 10:00 A.M. which will include Yizkor. We will stream regular services on Friday Night and Saturday Morning, March 26 and 27 and on Friday Night, April 2. Please try not. to be confused about the schedules.

On Thursday, April 8 we will Zoom a special observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day at 1:00 in the afternoon. We hope that you will join with us and help us remember the six million who perished at that time. Watch for details and join with us for the brief observance.

Don’t forget to join with us in the raffle for a year’s free membership. We will continue drawing names through June, so even if you haven’t won yet, there are still other chances for you to win, so continue donating your $10.00 each month for a chance to win. You still have three more chances!!!!

Do you like the flowers that adorn our Bimah every weekend? We have flowers ordered through April 12. If you wish to continue having them, we need your orders. No order-no flowers! They are only $65.00 and two of you can join together if you wish. Don’t let it stop now, call the office at 954-437-7969 or Merv at 954-437-0334 and order them for a special person or occasion. Let’s keep them going!

Have you been taking advantage of our many activities and programs, the drive-thrus, the streaming of services, the Rabbi’s messages, the Men’s Club or Sisterhood Zoom meetings, the dinners and parking lot activities, picking up flyers at Gigi’s or when placed on bulletin boards, listening to announcements or phone tree messages? If you haven’t been able to participate, contact one of the Board members to try to help you get involved and become a part of the Synagogue family.

Be sure to Stay safe and Healthy.


Joel Glickman and Merv Levin

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