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Do You Know - Roberta Crespi - June 2022

ROBERTA CRESPI, better known as BOBBI, was born in St. Louis, Missouri. There she was

raised in a traditional American family. When she grew older, she moved with her family to

University City in Missouri to finish high school where she received her diploma from University High School. After some time, she moved to Brooklyn, New York where she attended college at Pratt School of the Arts. There she met a young man who later became her husband.

While in Brooklyn she became a secretary to a City Marshall and after some time, she left her work for a new job as a secretary in the New York Navy Yard in the Civil Service Department. She worked there at the same job for several years until she got a position in the Naval Investigative Service and then on to the Defense Investigative Service and later became secretary to the Commanding Officer of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. After some time the office closed and Bobbi moved with the Commanding Officer to a new location in Staten Island Naval Yard as his secretary. She then went to work for the next several years with the Supervisor of Shipbuilding. After the base closed she looked for another position, but then decided it was time to retire after 25 years of working this way and while she was still young

enough to enjoy it.

One day, while talking to her husband, they decided to move into a new environment. They settled on sunny Florida and chose Century Village in Pembroke Pines and she has stayed here for the past 28 years. When they came here, she immediately joined the Village Reform Congregation and became very active. She has been very involved with several clubs,

serves on the board of the Spectator’s Sports Club, ran a bowling league for several years and is very active in Pembroke Pines Jewish Center.

Bobbi has 3 sons, 9 grandchildren, 1 great grandson and two more on the way. Thank you for everything you do!

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