Do You Know - February 2022

MICHAEL CANTER is the chairman of our

House committee and often IS THE HOUSE COMMITTEE.

He grew up in Washington, D.C. attended

Coolidge High School. He later transferred to

Northwood High School from which he graduated.

He went on to attend Community College in

Washington, but left the college to become an

apprentice in the Government Printing Office. He

continued working in this office and later became a

supervisory printing specialist under the direction

of the production manager. Mike married Paulette and they had a daughter,

Arlene and a son, Joel and 5 grandchildren who live in Maryland.

While living in the Washington area, Mike served in the National Guard

for six years. He had the opportunity to be very active and a force to be

reckoned with.

After working for the Government Printing Office for 40 years, Mike

retired and he and Paulette moved to Florida. They came directly to

Century Village and immediately became active in the Village Reform


Mike and Paulette love to travel, go back and forth between Florida and

Maryland and do as much sightseeing as possible. He likes to walk and

takes every opportunity to walk rather than drive to the Temple, COOPA or

wherever necessary in the Village.

Mike is a very quiet man who works hard without any fanfare and takes

pride in making certain that our building is maintained properly. He tries to

please everyone and wants only that we follow Synagogue rules and

remember that this is our home and we should treat it accordingly.

We wish him much strength, good health and a long and happy life!

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