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Do You Know - Barbara Fischer - April 2022

BARBARA FISCHER is the person

in charge of the gift shop. She

was born in Brooklyn, New York on

July 4, 1944. She lived in the same

building as her maternal grandparents

and down the street from her father’s

family. She attended school in

Brooklyn until 1959 when the entire

family moved to Miami, Florida. After

graduating from Southwest High

School, she attended Dade County Junior College, which at

that time was meeting in quonset huts left from World War II.

There was no air conditioning and on rainy days, everyone

got wet, but those were fun days.

After her first year she met her first husband and subsequently,

had children. They moved to Canada during the

Vietnam era and came back to Florida when the war ended.

In 1981, Barbara met and married her second husband and

moved to Charleston, South Carolina. She became a fund

raiser for the South Carolina Democratic party.

Barbara now spends her time with her family and helping

out in anyway she can at Pembroke Pines Jewish Center.

Naturally, her top priority is the gift shop, but she can be

found wherever someone is needed. She says that she

hopes she will be able to continue helping our Synagogue for

a long time.

Stay safe and well and may you be our guiding light for

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