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Stephen Reinstein is President of the Men’s Club, and a musician. In 1952 his father was riding in a taxicaband found a clarinet on the back seat among the baggage.A year later, on his ninth birthday, he was given the clarinet and 68 years later he is still playing the clarinet (not the same one), but still playing. He was a member of the junior and senior high school bands, orchestras and dance bands.In the dance bands he also played the saxophone.

Steve went on to the ManhattanSchool of Music where he earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degreein Music Education. He became a high school music teacher, taught private lessons and played in community bands. He spent part of his career as a music teacher and part in the business world. He worked for Metropolitan Life Insurance and Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Companies selling life insurance.

Steve moved to Floridain 1991 a year beforeHurricane Andrew and spenttime in real estate

and computers. He became a computer trainer for COMPUSA and travelled all over the country training Social SecurityOffices throughout the 50 statesand Puerto Rico. When he moved to Century Village and semi-retired, he started doing computer training in the clubhouse just for fun. He also joined the local reform temple and had a religious awakening. The last time he spent any serious time in schul was when he was a Bar Mitzvah in Queens, New York. The temple in his town was orthodox so that is what he attended. His exposure to reform Judaism was a beautiful awakening for him. He was able to relate to his Judaism a whole lot better than before. The last two years has been even more beautiful than the first.He is now seeing another part of Judaism that he had notknown before.

Steve enjoys helping in the temple and is very involved. Besides being president of the Men’s Club, he tries to have fun and raise money at the same time. He developedand maintains the PPJC

Website, streams the Friday night services, maintains the office computers and sends out the Rabbi’smessages twice a week. He also helps distribute the food for our food drive-thrus. He also blows the Shofar during the High Holidays.

Steve has become the director of his building, plays in two different bands on Monday and Wednesday Evenings and is a member ofthe camera club.He hopes to join the team that drives the Sherriff’s car in the village. He plans to start teaching computerclasses in the clubhouse again very soon.

Steve is the proud father of two boys who are married and raisingfamilies. They are able to take care of themselves, so he figures that he did his job.

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