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                      Pembroke Pines Jewish Center

                         Reopening Guidelines 2021





Eligibility to attend in-person Services as a participant:

     1.     You must be a paid-up member of PPJC, either fully paid or on                  schedule with your payment plan. No new payment plans will be                 available for this activity.

     2.     You must have completed your vaccinations and have a                             vaccination card.

                 a.     You may present your card upon entry or provide a copy                             to the office prior to attending for preregistration.

                 b.     You are encouraged to preregister your card by                                            providing  a photocopy to the office or emailing a copy                                to Sherrilann  Grinnage, secretary                                                                  PPJCSherrilann@comcast.net.

                  c.     Once registered, you will not have to show your card                                  again.

Registration to attend services:

     1.     You may apply to attend either a Friday night service at 7:30 pm                or a Saturday morning service at 10 am. You may not attend both              on any weekend.

     2.    Registration begins Monday at 9 am and ends Thursday at 5 pm                in the week you wish to attend services on the weekend.

     3.    You will call a special reservation line: 954-437-7987. This                            number will be provided to you through a phone tree, temple                    announcements, flyers, website, email blast, the newsletter and                Facebook.

     4.     Sherrilann will respond and fill open spots for a two-week period.

     5.     If there is no open slot in week one, the person will be offered a               spot in week two. People may not attend services both weeks                    unless there is an opening.

     6.     Congregants reserving their first service have priority over those                who have attended their first service.

Arriving for Services:

     1.     Volunteers at the door prior to beginning of services will check:

                a.  Evidence of complete vaccination, either your card or pre-                         registration

                b.  The wearing of your MASK.

     2.     You will not be admitted if you do not meet these criteria.

     3.     Doors will be locked at 7:40 and 10:10. No one will be admitted                 later.

     4.     Proceed directly to the main sanctuary for seating.

                a.     Some seats will be taped off.

                b.     Choose an untaped seat.

                c.     Do not sit anywhere else in the building.

                d.     As you enter, the seats on the same side of the room as                              the door are designated for individuals.

                e.     The seats on the far side of the room are designated for 2                          people who live together in the same house.



While in the building:

      1.     You must be fully masked at all times.

      2.     No socializing in the hall or sanctuary or anywhere in the                            building. Socialize outside the building.

      3.     Maintain social distancing. (3 or 6 feet depending on CDC                          guidance at time of attendance.)

      4.     No more than 2 people may be in the bathrooms at the same                    time.

      5.     Hand sanitizer and wipes are available throughout the building.                Please use wipes to sanitize any surfaces or objects you use.

      6.     No food or drink are allowed in the building.

      7.     At the end of services, please exit in a timely manner and                            maintain social distance.


Preliminary Schedule: (This is subject to change based on circumstances.)


April 09 - 10:                     10 congregants

April 16 - 17:                      10 congregants

April 23 - 24:                    15 congregants

April 30   May 1:               15 Congregants

May 07 - 08:                     20 Congregants

May 14 - 15:                       20 Congregants

May 21 - 22:                      25 Congregants.


Further dates and number of congregants will be announced later.

Pembroke Pines Jewish Center welcomes everyone for modern Judaism in the heart of Century Village, Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA.

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Join us for live services with Rabbi David Schonblum and Cantor Malka Lerner, Friday night 7:30 AM and Saturday morning 10:00 AM.

Pembroke Pines Jewish Center

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