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traditional JUDAISM

High Holy Days Services

Friday Sept. 15            Erev Rosh Hashanah                  Dinner            5:00 PM

                                                                                          Services         7:30 PM

Saturday Sept. 16       1st Day Rosh Hashanah              Services         10:00 AM

Sunday Sept. 17          2nd Day Rosh Hashanah           Services         10:00 AM

Sunday Sept. 24         Kol Nidre                                     Services         6:45 PM

Monday Sept 25         Morning                                       Service           10:00 AM

                                        Evening                                     Service           5:30 PM

                                        Yizkor                                        Service           6:00 PM

                                        Neilah (Shofar blowing            Service            7:00 PM

                                        Break the Fast                          Dinner             8:00 PM

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Pembroke Pines Jewish Center welcomes everyone for modern Judaism in the heart of Century Village, Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA.

We are an active community! Sign up for regular calendar updates here.

See Rabbi David Schonblum's weekly Torah message along with updates from the Men's Club, Sisterhood and more.

Join us for live services with Rabbi David Schonblum and Cantor Malka Lerner, Friday night 7:30 AM and Saturday morning 10:00 AM.

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